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The Seance

We Play With The Dead.


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What is it?

A 'spook-house' show for the smart set; The Seance is an original stage show that recreates an authentic Victorian-era seance. 

We will investigate the history of the seance, tell stories of the participants and demonstrate the exact techniques used by psychics and mediums who claimed to contact the dead.

Tonight, you will learn exactly how a seance was performed in a theatrical environment.



What is it NOT?

The Seance is not an “actual” seance, nor is it a cheesy ghost tour. We perform actual demonstrations and tell stories based on the real history of seance shows from the early 1900s.

Prepare to be fascinated!
— WGN Radio
It’s a history lesson in what we don’t know.
— Scapi Magazine

5 star reviews


SOLD OUT at the Prop Theater in Chicago!
SOLD OUT at the WIP Theater in Chicago!
SOLD OUT In Milwaukee!
SOLD OUT In Detroit several times!
SOLD OUT at the International Museum of Surgical Science
SOLD OUT at the Amazing Kaleburger (dinner theater!)
SOLD OUT show at Skeptic Camp!


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Plymouth, MI - Oct. 31st, 8pm
PARC, Plymouth Arts and Recreation Complex

Plymouth, MI - Nov. 1st, 8pm
PARC, Plymouth Arts and Recreation Complex


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 Hear "The History of the Seance" with creator Thom Britton on WGN Radio


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